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 Engineering energy center 

EEC was founded as a result of perennial involvement in energy and process engineering. Energy efficiency was since forever, and it seems now more than ever, an indicator and a measure of successfulness. With a responsible attitude regarding the energy consumption we are closing the circle between what nature provides to us and what we are consequently returning to it. Being guided by the basic idea on rationalization of energy consumption, we are dealing with essential preservation of environment and we are making the world a better place to live in.

Our vision

Our vision is to offer utter support to our clients on their way to improve their energy efficiency. The key principle of our services is to review the possibilities and scope of optimization in the client’s system, to design and present ideas and in the end to perform the implementation of the accepted solution. Our goal is to keep are client’s satisfied with our solutions for a long period of time, which of course means that beside the directly measurable savings, we also provide to them technical support during the exploitation period.

Our mission

Our mission is that, through the optimization of energy consumption and the exploitation of green energy, we improve the level of energy efficiency in order to decrease the bad influence on our environment and to preserve our planet, to keep it safe and protected for our future generations for further responsible utilization.

Our tasks

The tasks which we perform are most diverse forms of optimizations in the industry which evolved as a result of best worldly practices in the field of Energy and Process engineering. The manufacturers of top quality equipment pay special attention regarding the energy class of its equipment and the end user can and should inform himself in advance about the energy class of the equipment he is interested in. However, experience shows that even when purchasing the most economic equipment there is no guarantee for the most economic exploitation of it, because of interdependence of the equipment. Our specialty is precisely optimization of the processes in the systems and placement of optimum production model, for the equipment to work in best possible conditions.

Green Energy

Beside the conventional methodologies for energy consumption rationalization, we can offer also alternative solutions based on green energy. Electrical energy available through solar systems has become nowadays common. Although, economically viewed, we are still not able to find direct financial justification for investing in the electrical energy production, having in mind the current price for el. energy determined by electrical distribution company, there are very attractive applications that function immaculately in the areas where there is no possibility for electrical energy supply. We have practical experience in the field of electrical energy production through solar photovoltaic panels.

Financing models

The models which we predicted for financing the projects vary in a wide scope of opportunities. The projects can be financed by the regular investment of the client or as percentage of the effects achieved through savings in a defined period.

Our highest values

Great experience, responsible and professional business attitude, long-term technical support and good willed advices are our biggest merit.