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Dobre prakse

Dobre prakse za uštedu električne energije u industriji

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Dobre prakse za uštedu toplotne energije u industriji

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Dobre prakse za sve energente i fluide koji se koriste u industriji

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Engineering Energy Center

Complete automation of Boiler houses
Installation of flue gas utilizers onto gas boilers (economizers), installation of necessary measuring devices for the visualization of the boiler house efficiency and energy consumptionin some parts of the plant.

Complete automation of cooling plants
Selection of lead compressors in the primary cooling circle with variable speed drivedevelopment of algorithm for compressor startup with minimum energy consumptionand maintaining technological process

Complete automation of compressed air plants

Selection of lead compressors with variable speed drivesdevelopment of algorithm for compressor start up with minimum energy consumption.

CO2 recovery plant

Installation of plant for recovery of CO2 that originates from fermentation process 

Water treatment plant

The representatives of EEC have, with the support of certain specialized companies, installed the plant for treatment of well water. 

Waste water treatment plant 

In cooperation with international experts, it has been erected and put into operation the plant for treatment of effluents. 

Heat recovery in brew house 

 In the brewing department the representatives of EEC developed and automated heat energy recovery, by which complete preservation of warm water has been achieved.

CIP (cleaning in place) automation 

 The representatives of EEC have automated CIP, and entirely visualized the cleaning process by the control of concentration and the temperature of the cleaning agent.

 Automation of the plant for water degassing

The representatives of EEC have automated a plant for water degassing with minimization of energy consumption. 

Shock absorbers for hydraulic shock (water hammer) 

 The representatives of EEC possess great experience related to hydraulic shocks which occur by the contact between steam and cooled condensate or by specific technologies

Modifications and automation of tunnel pasteurizers 

 Heat exchangers have been installed instead of using directly steam for heating, hence, the complete regulation of PU

Dosing stations 

Installation of different types of completely automated dosing stations, wort aerator and different kinds of blenders. 

 Home brewery

 The representatives of EEC have made for their own purpose, semi–automated mini brewery– 45 l capacity.